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Greg Lenburg, Besser's official co-biographer close friend of nearly two decades launched JoeBesserForever.com in 2022. He is co-author of an updated and enlarged edition of Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge, Besser's autobiography and two books on the Three Stooges, including The Three Stooges Scrapbook - Updated Edition, considered to be the definitive book about the iconic comedy team. He is also author and publisher of 70 movie posters books featuring the films of Hollywood's greatest stars. 

Scrapbook’s updated edition was published in paperback in 2012. Like the original edition published in 1982, the updated Scrapbook was co-written by Stooge leader Moe Howard’s daughter, Joan Howard Maurer, and Lenburg's twin brother, Jeff. It was the last published book by Maurer who died in 2021.

Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge, published in 2020 in an updated and enlarged edition, was written with Lenburg’s brother Jeff and posthumously with Besser. Besser died in 1988. The original edition was first published in 1984 under the title, Not Just a Stooge, then, in 1988, in hardcover and trade paperback under the new title, Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge.

Lenburg’s own official website, greglenburg.com, features a detailed biography, links to buy his books, and free giveaways that fans can download, including a free mini e-book, STOOGES Disorder in the Court Film Story Companion. The e-book tells the movie story, from the beginning to end, using more than 60 never-before-published, high quality images and text from the comedy team's 1936 classic, Disorder in the Court. Each page captures the humor and essence of the two-reel comedy, considered a long-time favorite of Stooges fans.

In 1980, Lenburg co-wrote his first book, Steve Martin: The Unauthorized Biography, with Randy Skretvedt and his brother, Jeff.

Lenburg is a former daily and weekly newspaper editor, local radio newscaster and entertainment news program host.