Solo Shorts

Joe gets his just desserts in Caught on the Bouince (1952).
While under contract with Columbia Pictures, in addition to three starring feature films, Joe starred in 11 solo short subjects. 

The first, Cuckoorancho (1938), is considered a lost film. The balance of the shorts were produced between 1949 and 1956. 

Shorts included Waiting in the Lurch (1949), Dizzy Yardbird (1950), Fraidy Cat (1951), Aim, Fire, Scoot (1952), Caught on the Bounce (1952), Spies and Guys (1953), The Fire Chaser (1954), G.I. Dood It (1955) Hook a Crook (1955) and Army Daze (1956).

(A complete listing of Joe's solo shorts may be found in his updated and enlarged autobiography, Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge, published by Moonwater Press, which is available in hardcoverpaperback and Kindle editions. His autobiography is also available in audiobook and e-book.)